Angel Pad – Ambient Assisted Living

The improvement of the quality of life of frail people and the need for protection can be achieved through the adoption of integrated technologies capable of monitoring environment and health parameters affecting people’s life. The goal of such technologies must be focused on:

– Prevent, measure and advise potential risks
– Support frail people inside and outside their houses
– Allow immediate access to support services
– Facilitate communication and socialization

Allow also Service Centers to:
  • Receive alerts and interact with people
  • Manage people’s relevant data (personal info, habits, medical info, relatives, etc.)
  • Provide recurring support
  • Provide value added services
  • Activate emergency procedures on emergencies

The adoption of technologies must not be limited to the creation of “home automation” solutions, but must generate a system able to:

  • Manage complex processes, not only monitor events
  • Track and store events and related actions
  • Adapt to emerging needs

The achievement of this goal must be carried out through the integration of different technologies related to:

  • Multi-sensor
  • Active video surveillance
  • Workflow management
  • Event Contact Center

AngelPad allows access to all services through a tablet devices with a friendly and easy to use interface, which can be easly customized according to the services provided. User interface allows:

– Management of video/voice communications
– Internet surfing
– E-mail access
– Activation of alternative sensor events management («Empty Home»)