Customer Relationship Management system

seamlessly integrated with Phones Enterprise, that expands potential extensively by offering all the essential features needed to manage customer relations. Revos provides the tools needed by a modern company to manage and optimize all the processes related to sales, marketing and customer support. It is completely web-based and can be inserted into any business context, from the simple to the complex, always providing the best tools tailored to meet specific company needs. It is especially effective in telemarketing and helpdesk environments.
Over ten years of experience has made it possible to ensure a growing presence in the world of contact centers. This extensive experience has been put to use to design and develop the essential features needed to provide all company stakeholders with the best tools to excel.

Teleselling. Powerful tools to create and import contact lists, guided creation of telemarketing campaigns, a powerful targeting engine enable team leaders to drive performance to new heights. A simple yet effective sales management tool with complete handling of customer acquisition and management, contract stipulation of any kind, survey management and data collection with a dynamic and flexible structure for navigation between prospective or acquired customers. Suitable fo any company that conducts inbound and/or outbound sales campaigns.
Help Desk. It structures all the information necessary to manage customer care at every stage in company processes.

IFM CRM is a suite of solutions designed to meet the needs of business and company relations, including tailored management of customer relations, higher customer base knowledge, scheduling, planning and optimizing sales force operations. Revos CRM stands out for its web-based architecture, which is easily customized even by non-IT staff, and its seamless integration with Phones Enterprise, which ensures flexibility and excellent interaction with legacy technologies, thus safeguarding previous investments.


Web based

It is not necessary to install any applications on client PCs, with the exception of a browser, already integrated in the operating system.

Development Tools

These enable you to customize applications and generate your own forms quickly and at low cost.

Reporting Tools

Sophisticated reporting integrated in Microsoft Office® suite. Integrated with Business Intelligence software to generate special reports and statistics.

Maintenance over the web



Fast ROI. The speed in adapting to the specific needs of the organization reduces start-up time to a minimum thus enabling quick productive results.


Customizable by customer with complete autonomy. Use, at any level, is through an intuitive Web-based interface that is completely customizable.


Ability to adapt to legacy technologies. The high flexibility and scalability of the software, together with the integrated development tools, make it possible to develop streamlined applications that can be easily customized and integrated with external application environments.