MyWeb School – professional learning academy

MyWeb School is a network of professionals who work from all over Italy in the field of training and use the new technology applied to teaching to offer training courses and videoconferencing, DIRECT. All of our educational projects arise from a careful market analysis. For this reason, companies are an integral part of our training paths, especially when defining the contents of the courses.

We use the modern tools that technology makes availale to us to create a new teaching path that guides us in the future. We imagine a future in which technology can open the knowledge to the greatest number of people, aware that only learning can transform a life into a full and meaningful existence. We want our students to learn in the most enjoyable and fastest way, resulting in the gratification of the result, the pleasure of knowledge and the achievement of certified skills that can be applied in the world of work.


Educational Kit: Immediately after joining the course we offer our students: – An Educational Kit containing Tablet, Webcam, Headphones with Microphone, E-book usable via Kobo store; – A unique account to access the official MyWeb Skill community and the Kobo educational manuals.

Project Work: According to the “learning by doing” methodology, our Master’s students are committed to the implementation of a project monitored by the teacher, who will act as a director / facilitator with the task of stimulating creative activities. The best achievements come from the Portfolio Students section of our site.

Webinar: Live Webinars are live sessions, free and accessible to all MyWeb users, developed and conducted by industry specialists. These appointments are useful for updating on the most significant industry news or referral applications used in the course.


Each of our Master’s courses is supplemented with a full Career and Start-up Work module. We provide the following career counseling and career guidance services: CV Editorial – Social web reputation – Job Search – Interview Preparation – Professional Training. During the meetings, the testimonials will present their professional experience, highlighting the professional features most required by the reference market and answering the questions of the trainees.


Licensed Center for: Certiport and / or TESI automation srl, Autodesk, Pearson Vue, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Comptia.