Actions Definition & Solutions Classification

Starting from the outcome of the “to be” Scenarios Definition and the Business Evaluation (ROI), the following step is to classify the priority, the preeminence and the previousness of the identified Solutions and to identify, pinpoint, select the actions to employ.

To manage this task, our service proposal provides a well structured methodology that organize the fact or process to define the next steps with the aim to have a clear picture about tasks, timeline and stakeholders involved. During this phase is fundamental to better identify the ‘Action’ and the ‘act’ since are often used interchangeably. This approach clarifies to all the involved stakeholders their role, the action as concrete items to accomplish and the act as the action / the way to accomplish the act.

The Actions Definition and the Solutions Classification can help you planning your day to day effort and it is a strategic input to identify superior and innovative business IT solutions for your enterprise.


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