Continuous upgrade 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that when you run your own business, you are the one responsible for everything from sales and marketing,to procurement and logistics, due that it is strategic to be dedicated to continue developing partnerships and offerings that provide the tools and resources needed so that partners can pursue their dreams profitably no matter what their country, portfolio or product, or vertical.

To continue to upgrade/expand, improve and leverage the Sales Channel activities is thus a key factor. Our Service proposal we help you to continue improving overall efficiency and strengthen of your global demand creation capability.

This will be made trough the expansion of your existing channels by both selectively engage new prospect partners and increasing the commit of the “as is” sales partner force through the signing of a new level of partnership program. It is fundamental to continue developing partnerships expecially with value-added-partners to leverage their extensive country sales organizations in order to grow the sales pipeline throughout the year and not only based on opportunities.

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