Business Evaluation (ROI)

Identify the possible scenario for the future is not enough to take the decision to go over. It’s fundamental to verify among the various identified scenario which is the effort to spend to implement it and the return of the investment that we expect implementing a solution.

This Service proposal provides to you a Business Evaluation (ROI) of the various identified scenarios. In many companies the scope of ROI most often is very clear. It is typically only analysed from the perspective of the investor, which in most cases is also the company benefiting from this investment. Normally this perspective is for sure the most important and the only applicable one. We suggest that sometime it is also useful to may be many different perspectives to assess ROI. We need also to keep in mind that investor and Customers are not always identical. Therefore, we need to define which perspective we address before we engage in a ROI analysis.

Looking at these issues in reverse order, the literature seems to show that there is some disagreement about the scope of ROI when applied in same specific business environment since the risk is to evaluate only cold hard numbers not considering not estimates, not potential, not yet-to-happen transactions. This methodology makes assumptions that nowdays the executives are not looking for you to “redefine ROI” only in terms of monetary return but also of engagement or influence.

The ROI definition and the “to be” scenario definitely offer a strong bottom line to identify a clear set of future actions.

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