Qualification Meeting

A good beginning makes a good ending

We believe that the initial phase is strategic and important as the other phases since if we make a mistake at this stage sometime it’s very hard to recovery.

The purpose of the Qualification or preliminary meeting is to give people who are interested parties in the process to make representations to the initial team work about how the high-level scope should be examined. Interested parties are for sure the domain expert but not only. For sure it’s strategic to involve all the people that will have an active role and secondary stakeholders with relevant experience that are able to give value to this initial phase. The aim of this qualification or preliminary meeting is not an opportunity to discuss the merits of the “starting idea” but it will be about the procedure for examining only it , including, setting the timetable for making more detailed written representations. Last but not least, this is an important opportunity for all the attendees to know each other and to start easily the collaboration.

The outcome will be a the business model design, an initial vision statement to create a better vision on the project. This is an informal document that communicates the expectations and assumptions on which the future steps will be based. Out of this grows the following step: the Mind Map Scope Definition.



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