To be Scenarios Definition

Starting from the outcome of the Route Cause Classification, the following step is to reorganize, rearrange and build up various “to be” scenario bringing together the objectives and/or target identified.

The aim of our service proposal is to identify the various scenarios useful to help your business evolution. For each scenario, we’ll identify a specif goal, which is usually functional. Each scenario will describe the solution or the system that is or is envisaged to be used in the context of activity in a defined time-frame. The time-frame for a scenario could be (for example) a single transaction; a business operation; a day or other period; or the whole operational life of a system.

Similarly the scope of a scenario (from a single team to an entire business unit) could be a single system, piece of equipment or a complete solution that involve more than one system.

The scenario definition will give to the executive of your enterprise a clear first picture of the possible scenarios for the future.

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