Vendor Analysis

To identify the possible scenario for the future, and the action to accomplish, is not enough to start a project. It’s fundamental to evaluate he technologies offered by various Vendor and /or the services offered by Systems Integrator.

in order to understand if a Vendor is able to cover the identified requirements, our service proposal provides a well structured methodology that organize supplier capabilities evaluation by considering both technical and non-technical criteria. During this phase is fundamental to better identify a clear assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective suppliers in terms of their capacity, sales revenue, reputation, stocks, markdowns, markups, gross margins, quality, reliability, service, pricing policies, payment terms, and much more.

The evaluation method that we suggest to employ uses weight values which must be adjusted in synergy with you. Even if the capability offered by a Vendor or a Systems Integrator are fundamental, in the current financial environment it is imperative to cut costs wherever possible and for this reason a vendor analysis must includes a review of the reliability, stability and trustworthiness since at the end of the day this is for sure a suitable way to minimize purchasing costs.

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