Xtraction – Performance Management

A Performance Management System is a system that aligns the entire organization and that guides actions through the activation of an “ad hoc virtuous circles” stimulating the organization to continual improvement of its performance

Due this reason a system of performance management is therefore different from a simple Business Intelligence dashboards. It is a much more a proactive tool, a personal tool that guides us every single day to achieve the expected results. It’s a work environment where we can build-up a “training plan” tuned to our needs and goals, showing exactly what to do (and when) and, at the same time, measuring the progress and the motivation of all those are involved in the business processes.

This is the reason why Xtraction will help for sure your organization to cope with situations that are characterized by change and require a clear direction.

  • INTUITIVE INTERFACE – Don’t wait for IT for your report, drag and drop from your data sources
  • DATA SOURCES – Display data from multiple sources on the same dashboard or chart
  • REAL-TIME ANALYTICS – It enables you to make informed business critical decisions
  • MOBILE METRICS – Access your dashboards anytime with our iPad application
  • DETAILED DATA – Drill down into your charts to see the underlying detail
  • COACHING – verify the efficacy of the Coaching to reshape the contents to better reach the goals
  • STATISTICAL PREDICTION – Statistical Engine to retrieve the “prophecy”