Determined to put customers and employees first, the company considered various options before settling on the Genesys Cloud™ platform. “It’s very user-friendly with great reporting and management tools,” said Claesson. “TechneValue, the Genesys partner we relied on, went out of their way to understand our business, personalize design and suggest ideas to get more value from the omnichannel platform.”
One idea was to integrate Genesys Cloud with WhatsApp, which is fast becoming the channel of choice for customer support. Before, technical specialists would receive inquiries and scramble around to locate colleagues to translate emails or take calls. Or, if the message arrived as a social media post, they might have to break off to respond via mobile device. Further, specialists wasted time explaining how to initiate remote control sessions.
“Now, with WhatsApp, clients send screenshots and pictures, and our specialists can quickly see the problem and show them what to do,” said Patricia Zoller, Marketing Manager at Dental Axess. “And they can juggle inquiries in other channels — all from their Genesys Cloud application.”
Digitizing and streamlining support requests alone has improved productivity and saved about 1.5 days across the team, per week. Unlike before, specialists can start a WhatsApp conversation while attending to other calls and messages. Issues logged on the company’s website now feed directly into Genesys Cloud, giving instant visibility from their desktops. This also saves time and removes the need to manage a separate queue.

ClientDental Axess
LocationSwitzerland, with global operation
SkillsGenesys Cloud / Help Desk

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